A continuous series of articles following my HO scale model railroading project. There will also be occasional articles related to railroading in general.

My first train table

This is the second part in my series of model railroading articles. The first article talks about my pre-model-railroading days, and how I got into this hobby, up to the point, when I acquired my first model railroading train set and made my first train table (aka workbench).

 So, this article will be about my first train table, all the fun I had working on it, the experience I gained, before scrapping it and starting all over again.

Steam engineSteam engine traveling on the HO-scale model railroad.One of my many “garage projects” is model railroading. I will have one section here on my Northwest Sisu Garage website dedicated to this. It will include stories, photos and videos, where I periodically talk about the progress building my model railroad. I don’t know at this point how often I have time to provide articles and updates, maybe something from once a week to once a month.

This first article is about how I became interested in model railroading, and my first steps into this fascinating hobby.