Nortwest Sisu Garage videos posted on YouTube

 Model Railroad FPV camera (GoPro camera mounted to the train)

 How I made a camera-car with my 3D-printer in order to use my GoPro Hero 4 camera on my HO-scale train. This is great for FPV (first-person-view) live watching and recording your train traveling on the model railroad: over bridges, through tunnels! A high quality wireless drone FPV camera would have been better, but I already have the GoPro camera, and I am not ready to invest in another camera at the moment. If you would like to make this camera-car, you will find it on Thingiverse. You just need to provide your own couplers and trucks.


GoPro video of HO scale model railroad under construction

 This model railroad is still in the early phases of construction. I created a cradle car for my GoPro Hero 4 camera. This video is just a test run to see how well the camera setup works on the tracks. Later on, im hoping, I will create a more descriptive video of how I made the camera car, and also tell more about my HO scale layout.


3D printed wind-up car!

I downloaded the "Fully 3D-printable wind-up car gift card", designed and uploaded to by Bribro12. I printed it out with my MaxMicron prusa clone 3D printer, using both ABS and PLA filament (the video doesn't mention the PLA). Link to 3D file: Music: Prelude No. 14 by Chris Zabriskie, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Portland Roadster show 2019

100 pictures from the 63rd annual Portland Roadster Show, in Portland, Oregon, March 2019. This is just a random sampling of the 100's if great cars at the show. The pictures are in a slide-show format with animation effects created by applying zoom and pan to still-pictures. The pictures were taken with a LG G7 camera-phone, so the video quality is unfortunately not the greatest. Music: Sequence of Art, by Origen. With permission. Free Background Music by Origen from: The content in the video is protected by copyright- and intellectual property laws, and it is prohibited to use this material for branding or commercial gain.

Cruise the Couve 2018

Cruise the Couve 2018, Vancouver, Washington, July 21st, 2018. A slideshow with 80+ pictures randomly taken of classic and custom built cars. There were many great cars at the cruise, that I didn't get any pictures of. I just took a lot of pictures randomly. Music: Part 1: Humidity by Silent Partner, YouTube audio library. Music: Part 2: Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


 Battle Ground Harvest Nights Burn Out : 5 car sampling

 A video of some of the burn outs at the 2017 Battle Ground Harvest Nights Cruise. This video shows five of the burn outs. The burn out event at the pit lasted all evening, but I only watched a few of them since I was also watching the classic car cruise on Main Street.

Battle Ground Harvest Nights Burn out: The smoke and the Flag

One of many burn outs at the burn out pit at the 2017 Battle Ground Harvest Nights Cruise.

Extremely tight RV parking

Backing up a large Fifth Wheel camping trailer through a narrow passage between the house and the neighbor fence! Not only it is tight, but it can't be backed up straight, due to utility boxes in its path. Mission Impossible :) The 5th wheel trailer certainly doesn't fit in my garage, so I park it in the back, where there is plenty of room. But the access for the RV into the back yard is extremely narrow, and it's time-consuming backing in the trailer. But it is still better than paying rent at a off-site RV storage.